March Shows Worth your Money

Ariana+Grande+comes+to+Chicago+on+March+3 @Melissa_Rose_14

Ariana Grande comes to Chicago on March 3

Christopher Brito, Reporter

As the country’s third most populated city, Chicago is a must-stop for touring entertainers.” According to Ticketmaster, a wide variety of shows are scheduled for March, Below are our picks for the top show in each category: Pop, Rock, and Comedy.

Ariana Grande

March 3
Allstate Arena

In the “pop” genre we have Ariana Grande, who is coming to the Allstate Arena on March 3rd. Last year, her 2nd album “My Everything” came out with the hit singles “Problem” and “Break Free”, that she will be for sure playing while puttiing on a good performance.

Taking Back Sunday

March 6
Riviera Theater

Taking Back Sunday left us hanging since 2012 when they went on one tour as an ode to their debut album, “Tell Your Friends”, by playing its entirety on that 10th anniversary tour. “Happiness is….” (2014) is the newest album they have released since 2011 featuring hit singles such as “Flicker, Fade”  and “ Stood a Chance” and these songs will be highlighted when they come to the Riviera Theater on March 6th.

Bo Burnham

March 13
Vic Theater

Young and aspiring Bo Burnham will come to the Vic Theater on March 13th. You may know him from his YouTube videos or his stand up special on Netflix cleverly entitled “what.” This 24-year-old’s politically incorrect humor will leave you wondering why you haven’t found out about him any sooner. “I’m disappointed in myself for only finding out about this incredible person just a few days ago. He’s like the perfectly-engineered super comedian with the energy and silliness of Dane Cook and the cynicism and reality of Louis CK. I have never watched a better comedy show, Bo Burnham is now my new favorite comedian” – Anonymous Youtube comment.11490195453