Last Minute Halloween Makeup

It’s finally that time of year again…….Halloween!!! Leyden is full of artistic talented students that can do amazing things. Let’s look into 2 of Leyden’s best Halloween makeup artists.

 Jessica Bernal is one senior who has a love for makeup. Bernal can do anything from normal beauty makeup to gorey latex looks.  “I really love doing beauty makeup, but also gorey looks. I just love both sides of the spectrum.” In order to create gorey looks you don’t have to be totally experienced, but in the end, practice does make it easier. Every Halloween Jessica does her and her parents’ makeup and some friends’ makeup. Halloween makeup can be pretty time consuming. “For SFX makeup, it can take anywhere from an hour or two to do, but if it’s just something like mouth scars it can be about 45 minutes to an hour.”

Jessica’s Client

Halloween makeup is something Jessica loves doing in her free time, she loves practicing more and more to get better. Jessica’s advice for people wanting to learn how to get experience is, “If you want to get better at doing halloween makeup, start now and practice, even when it’s not halloween so you can perfect your look, and it’s just fun to do.” Jessica is open to doing someone’s halloween makeup, and the price ranges depending on what you want done.  One of her favorite things to do are the SFX makeup because you

Theatre Makeup Done by Jessica

can make things look so real and creative, you can have someone’s normal face go to someone who looks like they just got all cut up and wounded. SFX makeup is different than regular makeup because you need latex, cotton, and some water color paint in order to create wounded looks, while if you are just doing regular makeup it is cheaper and faster to do and you can use regular makeup to do the looks.

Victoria Drozd is a Junior here at East Leyden. She is a makeup artist that works for college films, film in general, and is overall a pretty known artist. She’s been doing makeup for as long as she can remember and it is her passion. “I will do whatever a customer needs, just come to me with your idea, and I can make it happen.” She can do any type of look from body art to SFX makeup. Sometimes Halloween makeup can be really stressful since latex takes so long to dry and time needs to

be taken on the looks. “I’ve been key makeup artist for short films, college films, and other than that it’s stuff I do at home.” This year is her first year she is starting to put herself out there as someone who is going to take clients for Halloween makeup and glam makeup. She will do anything a customer wants, just tell her your idea of what you want and she will

A look Victoria did on herself
Client Done by Victoria

sketch it on a face chart for the client, show the client to make sure it is how they want it, and then she will produce it on the face.  Victoria is also open to do someone’s halloween makeup or a glam look, but it will cost. For SFX makeup it can go anywhere from $30 and up considering everything needed for SFX makeup is high in demand and expensive, and if it is just regular standard makeup then it would just be $15 and up. This would be Victoria’s first years actually having people ask her to do their halloween makeup and she’s never been more excited to be able to improve her skills as a makeup artist.


Victorias Instagram Makeup Account: @vic_torriiaaa

Film Victora did make-up for: