Halloween is amongst us and we normally associate it with gruesome scary movies that make us leave the light on at night. Wanting to go back to our childhood Halloween movies, I’ve decided to do a recap of Halloweentown. Kids these days won’t fully understand how sweet and innocent these movies are. 10 years have passed since the last movie came out, and I still get excited every time one of them come on.


Starting off the adventure, there is a 13-year-old Marnie who is so conflicted with herself as she feels there is something missing in her life. She feels she isn’t of the human world. She doesn’t understand why her mother is so against anything Halloween and the idea that she is so in love with anything of the sort. She doesn’t understand why her grandmother can only visit on Halloween night and feels as if there is a secret hidden from her. Little does she know there is a secret. She’s a witch. Marnie finds out about this and sneaks into Halloween Town with her grandmother, and within a few hours, the young witch has a burden placed upon her shoulder. Throughout  her journey she has to save her family multiple times. Marney has to learn first hand what it’s like to be a witch. She has to choose whether or not she wants to live in the mortal world or in Halloweentown.  She knows both mortal world and Halloweentown have a special place in her heart. Also, throughout her journey Marnie has to go through multiple hardships with herself, family, and those whom she thinks are her friends. While in high school she tries to get both worlds to coexist, which she accomplishes. IN the last chapter she finds out her grandmother was queen Splendora, and she had a powerful necklace in a box which she locked up. The box falls into Marnie’s hands and she has to open it. With people wanting her to use the gift for evil she decides to destroy the charm once and for all.

What I liked about the series was that it’s good for any occasion. You can watch it alone, with a date, or with your family. It’s all age friendly, and in my opinion, it never gets old. I’ve watched the series every year since I can remember, and still look forward to watching it again each year. The movie over all aren’t scary but I think it’s because it is a Disney film, so they kept it kid appropriate. When I think about the messages behind the series as a whole, I think about being determined and never letting others influence your decision. Marnie throughout her whole journey always listened to her inner self. Another lesson I can saw throughout the series was not to fall into the temptation of doing things for bad reasons. Marnie was the most powerful witch in Halloween Town, and could’ve used her magic for evil. Yet, she used her powers for the good of others. The same way she used her gift for good, should be the same way we use ours. The last lesson the series showed me was to be determined and go after your dreams no matter how hard it might seem. Marnie started off at the bottom, not knowing anything about being a witch, yet she worked so hard throughout the years and became the most powerful witch. She has her mind fixed on what she wanted, and though she stumbled along the way, she achieved her goal. She didn’t let those who doubted her stand as obstacles, she pushed them to the side and kept on going after what she wanted. Thinking back on this, Marnie did seem like a good role model for the younger version of me. When I was younger I saw a girl who was a witch, but throughout the years I saw all of the above. I saw someone who was determined and passionate about what she was, and I wanted to be the same way. I didn’t want to be a witch, but did want to go after my dreams just the way Marnie did.


Although the movies all are fun to  sit back and watch, when we dig deep into them we can find daily lessons and much more. I always say a movie has a lesson behind it and the our movies that make up what is Halloweentown do to. Whether it eing finding out who you truly are, embracing your inner talents, or learning to trust your instincts, the movies have it all. So if you want to skip  the gruesome scary clown movies, sit down and watch these and find what they mean to you. 

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