Last minute DIY Halloween costumes

Don’t know what to dress up as for halloween? Running on a budget? Well I have a solution to your problem. DIY costumes! DIY costumes are where one can let his or her creativity take over and dress up as whatever they want.

 Senior Janeigh Bertrand is a creative individual who said  “I prefer to make my own costume because that way I am able to include my personal preference and creativity into it.” Last year Bertrand DIYed her halloween costume as well and she chose to be the Joker. She said “It’s actually really easy to put things together on a low budget” What Janeigh means is that instead of going to a Halloween store, go to the thrift store and buy all you need and pay less. You’ll probably only end up using that piece of clothing once anyway. Her purchase last year was a green jumpsuit and cheap makeup. She ended up only spending about $20.  This year, Janeigh is going to be Raven from teen titans. She said “ I bought a black cloak, and I am going to make a belt using gold fabric, and red rhinestones.” Bertrand followed with “I try to keep it under $50.” If you’re thinking about thrifting pieces of clothing for this year’s costume, make sure to go early because the thrift store only has one piece of that shirt or pants you might need.During Halloween time many people tend to check the thrift store before a regular Halloween store. The earlier, the better. It is possible to create a costume that will leave others turning their head when they see you around with a low budget and only a couple hours or days.

Even though DIY is supposed to be easy, there is room for failures. There are some basic skills/tips that one should complete before starting their project. 1. Go out and buy fabrics and materials. 2. Lay out everything you will need.3. Finally use your imagination and make your project unique. Being unprepared will be the biggest failure one can come across when attempting to DIY a project. Image result for diy costumes