Crazy Enough by Storm Large

Crazy Enough is well, crazy and full of inappropriate and ‘mature’ language. If it was a movie it would be Rated R. Storm Large, yes that is her name, shares her life story of growing up and dealing with her mentally disabled mother, and how that impacted her life and career. However, this book isn’t one of those sappy cancer stories about girls crying over their sick mothers; instead it took on a whole different dimension.

As a child, Large adored and loved her mother Suzi very much and reluctantly went on daily hospital visits to see her. Suzi had a huge effect on Storm’s life. She used to blame herself for her mother’s illnesses. As Storm describes growing up readers can sense how her feelings about her mother change. She hated her mother and didn’t see her for several years. As a reader, it was aggravating to not be able to decide whether it was the crazy in Suzi that made her think her family hated her, or if it was the wanting attention, which is what Storm believed was her mother’s goal. At the end of her painfully heartfelt memoir, Storm discovers a lot of significant truths about herself and her mother, in addition with some new family members who lovingly help Storm piece her life together.

The book also contains very graphic and disturbing material about sex. It made me want to stop reading because of the many details which were extremely unnecessary. I was glad that those episodes stopped as Storm moved on from drug use and instead pursued music. Most of the life choices she made were terrible: getting mixed up with dangerous drugs and the drug dealers whom she called “boyfriends.” Despite undergoing periods of homelessness, excessive drinking, smoking and being known as a prostitute, she manages to find true love. Storm takes us by the hand as we are lead through her life choices, praying that she would survive through them.