Spotlight on Leyden’s Choir Classes & Upcoming Concert

Choir students continue to practice and prepare for this year’s very first concert on October 18th in the West auditorium at 7pm.

There are many individual classes in choir who perform at the concerts. For this year’s first concert, “all choral classes, Chamber Singers, Show Choir, GraceNotes, Unresolved, and First Ending” will be performing said Mr. Baker.

Choir is not just a blow off class or an extracurricular activity: it’s a way for students to prepare for upcoming concerts where they can show off their talent.

In the class portion of choir students are able to get more of the fundamentals, reading expression, music history and context in society .

There are about 130 students in the entire choir ensemble (not including the extracurricular choirs) who can progress into 3 different levels of choir activity for the females: which include Concert choir, Bel canto, and Acapella/Varsity, and 2 for the males: which include Concert choir and Acapella/Varsity.

Concert choir is coed class and usually where most students start off at, this class provides the basic singing skills for students.

Bel canto which is only a female class is the second level up for female students which becomes a little more in depth. “It is an intermediate group just for them” as choir director Patrick Baker likes to call it.

Acapella/Varsity is coed and the more advanced class for students based on their voice range.

As an extracurricular activity choir students get more of a focus on the different types of genres and practice one day out of the week for about an hour long.

As Baker states, “Most extra-curricular groups rehearse in the evening to give athletes the opportunity to participate. Dress rehearsals, which take place the day before a concert, do begin right after school, but each group has a specific time slot of about 30 minutes which helps avoid other conflicts. We work very hard to make sure every student can participate.”

“Best case scenario is when you can do both [a class and an extracurricular choir]” Mr. Baker exclaimed.

The concert is free of charge and it provides viewers a time to enjoy great music from various genres.