Errol Lucas, Reporter

Fighting forces together against drug dealers and gun smugglers, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are back for another action & adventure. Fans of the first Ride Along film can expect a good laugh and two stars with enough chemistry to make the sequel a memorable movie.

Ben Barber (Kevin Hart), a rookie in the police force is still learning the job alongside James Payton (Ice Cube), his future brother-in-law. They take on a lead that’s related to a drug ring in Miami. James takes Ben to Miami to prove himself as a cop, and it is up to them to bust a respected businessman, executive Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt), who is known and loved by everyone in Florida despite actually being a violent crime lord who controls the drug trades in all of Florida. With barely a week before Ben has to be back to marry his fiancee, Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter), will the soon-to-be brothers make it back in time to unite  Mr. and Mrs. BlackHammer?

Ride Along 2 is that movie that you would want to see over and over. This narrative written by Tim Story has really brought others together, especially these brothers. This movie did an excellent job that really caught my attention throughout the movie, and one of the important features was growth. This movie brings brothers together and it brought Ben and James together. James didn’t respect Ben that much in the beginning of the movie, but as time passed when they flew to Miami together to solve a case, the trust built by itself and created a great brotherly bond between the two.

Another great feature or great pro that Ride Along 2 brought was the amazing plot. The story could be really similar to the feel of the original movie but became a great sequel to finish off Ben and James’ story as cops. The main plot line followed a drug lord that is well respected in Florida to keep his actions away from the police.

Some cons of the movie, would be yet the repetitive backstory. A lot of would even say that people wouldn’t be surprised that this sequel is a lot like the original Ride Along movie. The movie is uninspiring, as it doesn’t really set the bar for the franchise when it comes to implementing comedy into an action & adventure movie. The biggest downside to this movie is that it isn’t much of an improvement to the series, but more of a creative new way to tell the original Ride Along story, with reinvented jokes and gags. In my opinion, makes it a good improvement to the franchise. Just a little change to how the original movie’s central storyline runs just makes this movie on par with the original.

Overall, I give Ride Along 2 a 6.7/10 for its overall performance. This sequel’s opening is about $8M which was 17% less than the original’s opening day but for me, run-on jokes and gags aren’t what makes a movie bad. What I truly liked about Ride Along 2 is that it continued what the original movie could have finished off with how Ben and Angela got married, how Ben and James’ relationship as brothers-in-law grew and how well they work together in a movie like this. I have to agree with other critics on how this movie isn’t much of an improvement. It was just a slight improvement from the first movie on how it finished off loose ends. But I think the story was told creatively for this second installment to the franchise. Not to spoil any of the scenes, but how Antonio Pope tries to turn things around makes the whole movie a lot more interesting to watch. You’ll know what I mean when you go out to see the movie. Ride Along 2 came out in theaters on January 15th, and is a for sure watch for its comedy, action and adventure. Go check it out!