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I have been playing football for a while now and it has always astounded me how important the offensive line is. Do people truly understand the importance of an offensive line? Sure everyone wants the best quarterback or the best receiver, but would a team want to get the best tackle or guard instead of that receiver. 

Teams have drafted many left tackles in the first round, but have not made it to a Super Bowl.  In the last 20 years, there has only been 2 all- pro tackles and 4 pro-bowlers. This undermines the belief that good offensive lineman can win games or that the victory starts up front. The Green Bay Packers offensive line is one that many opponents fear, but in recent time it has been one devastated by injury. Although the offensive line is being filled up by backups, they are still winning games. The Green Bay Packers have built up their offensive line for years.   The debate of how good an offensive line is and how it determines the season will continue to be seen as this NFL season goes on and top offensive linemen go down with injuries. 

Packers offensive line still highly regarded by Pro Football Focus

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Keeping watch over student news at East Leyden High School
Blog Post #1