Semester Ends with Most Stressful Part

Kristina Ivanova, Reporter

Now that finals are coming up, people are stressing about grades and are trying to hand in all missing assignments. Finals are a big part of your overall semester grade. Students should use the semester exam calculator to help them know what they need to get on the finals to get a good final grade.

Here are students who feel overwhelmed with finals and homework.

Senior Michelle Villanueva: “I feel like finals came by quick this year. The teachers are drowning me in a pool of homework although I don’t mind it because it’s preparation.”

Sophomore Nadia Kornazova: “I’m really nervous about finals coming up. I started studying and doing my final exam reviews to get myself ready for finals!”

Freshmen Alan Ramirez: “It kind of makes me nervous since it’s my first year doing finals, and I don’t know how hard it will be or how much I should study for it. We’ve been starting to get review packets, but since it’s finals I think it’s a pretty good idea to give us more homework so that we can go over the material and remember it better.”

Senior Nicole Boykov: “I’m stressed. I feel like teachers get so caught up in the beginning and helping us understand [the content] and then they cram at the end. No prepared at all. I feel like they aren’t giving us more work just haven’t spaced out their curriculum well enough and are cramming it all without giving enough time for review.”

Finals are stressing people out. The amount of homework we have now, the rush in class to prepare and practice for finals, the last unit test we have – it’s so overwhelming!