Ski & Snow Boarding Club Looking Forward To The Winter Season


East Leyden students during a ski and snow boarding trip a few years ago.

Winter is here and the mountains are soon going to be covered in snow.

Participating in East Leyden’s ski and snowboarding club is just one way that students can enjoy the winter season.

Sponsor and math teacher Kinnane Marcy encourages students to join the club, and adds that students do not need to have any prior ski and snowboarding experience in order to join.

Students without prior experience are simply required to take a training hour during their first trip.

The club usually has 2-3 trips to the snow mountains in Wisconsin beginning in January with the last one in February.

The prices for each trip and/or rental of equipment start at $35 for the trip ticket, and then an additional $20 for the equipment rental.

In order to join the club and attend the trips there is a packet that needs be filled out and returned to Mrs. Kinnane.

Interested students can stop by room 139 during ACCESS and 11 period for more information.