Tree lighting And Chicago Christmas


This year marked the 106th annual lighting of Chicago’s official Christmas tree at 6 p.m. on Nov. 22 in Millennium Park (at Michigan and Randolph).

Every year the Christmas tree lights up the city and gets residents in Christmas spirit. This event is brought to attention by people all around the world and shared all over social media to get people to come and see the monumental yearly event that is yearly. The suspense that the lighting causes because of how much they stall it is worth the wait, with the news stations broadcasting and making you feel like you’re in a special and warm event, according to Leyden attendess from this year.

Senior Valeria Mendoza said, “I thought it was very pretty, and it definitely brought me into the Christmas spirit this year, I spent it with some of my friends and we had a really good time, we struggled to get their, but the end product of all of us gathered really made me feel good .¨

This tree lighting offers many different vents that you can go down  the day off like i did with my friends , or that you can go until Dec. 24, like the Christlekindle Market and some events like the ice skating rink that is open till March 8, 2020. This year I also went to try out the Christlekindle market to experience the different cultural traditions that different parts of the world host during Christmas time, I enjoyed the food and scenery it gave off by the different music and foods. Millenium Park isn´t the only things that will host events this year, Navy Pier has its annual Winter Wonder fest which is packed with family fun, Fifth Third Bank Winter Wonder Fest at Navy Pier is a beloved annual Chicago winter event, featuring 170,000 square feet of carnival rides, giant slides, holiday-themed activities, the Ice Skating Rink and many more. People can go experience the city’s biggest and best indoor winter playground and join the millions of families who have made it a part of their annual holiday tradition. If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit Chicago offers a Polar Express train ride, which is a replica of the movie Polar Express, the ride starts at Union Station and tickets are around 60-80 $ per person to get a full experience. Chicago is one of the best city that offers some of the best events and keeps up with family traditions that brings friends and family together during the holiday season. After visiting two of the events Chicago is hosting for this Winter season I highly recommend going to them and checking them out and visiting them before the Christmas season is over, explore the city and go check out these amazing Winter events with your friends and  family and share a good time and finish the holiday season in a warm spirit.