Safe Celebration Week Concludes With Junior Olympics


Each class and even the faculty have shirts made for Junior Olympics.

As we all know Junior Olympics is one of the school events that everyone looks forward to. It is the ending event for Safe Celebration Week and helps usher in Spring Break.

This year’s Junior Olympics will be on Friday, March 22 beginning at 1:42 in the East fieldhouse.

Student Activities Director Dominic Manola, East counselor Bill Mitchell and student council class boards and sponsors take part in deciding on the teams that will participate in all the Junior Olympic activities.

Spirit week helps introduce Friday’s Junior Olympics in order to get the students pumped and excited. Starting from Twin Day to Clash Day, students demonstrate their school spirit is many different ways.

The Junior Olympic games this year “are the same, all the rules are the same, but what’s different every year is that the freshman come back as sophomores and are a little bit more competitive, sophomores come back as juniors and are a whole lot more competitive and juniors come back as seniors and they think it’s their birthright to win junior olympics,” Mr. Mitchell siad.

“Since every class notches up it really ramps up the competition,” he added.

There’s the added element of senior pranks where every year seniors try to play pranks within the school.

“Seniors like to be goofy on the last day of spirit week and like to pull pranks, but it’s also important to stay school appropriate and to avoid any behaviors that could result in seniors not being able to participate in the Junior Olympics,” Mr. Manola stated.

Remember Junior Olympics are just around the corner so plan ahead and prepare for fun!

Spirit Week for East:

Monday is Twin Day

Tuesday is Clash Day

Wednesday is Disney Day

Thursday is Blue & Gold Day

Friday is Class Colors Day – freshman are light blue, sophomores are neon green & yellow, juniors are black, seniors are navy blue, and faculty is navy blue.