Model UN in Michigan

Rebecca Miranda, Reporter

Members of the Model UN club recently traveled to Michigan to “solve the world’s problems” according to Jenny Lewanczyk. The club, which asks students to consider global issues by pretending that they are United Nations delegates, takes this trip annually. This year, the big issues were religion extremism and relations with Russia.

Lewanczyk was assigned to represent Croatia.  She said, “I had to discuss the refugees problems.” One of the ways to solve these problems was to pass resolutions. “Military checkpoints by the border of Crimea so that Russia does not take over anymore of Ukraine” were her proposed solution.

Senior, Elizabeth Shelton was assigned Slovakia. “I was interested in their problems and was up for a challenge to solve them.” She recounts the refugee crisis. “[They] have all the countries in the European Union label themselves as a transit country, economic, or holding.” So her solution: “There was an opt out clause so that this was not against a country’s sovereignty.”

One of Lewanczyk’s reasons people should join Model UN because it gives them a political perspective.

Aside from all the serious business; Lewanczyk and Shelton both agreed that pulling pranks on club sponsor and chaperone Mr. Alex Jomarron never gets old.