Give a Teddy a Heart


Everyone knows our school’s values: Be Kind, Find Your Passion, and Commit to Excellence. Give a Teddy a Heart is the exact representation of “Be Kind.” It is relatively a new club in our school, created last year by Mrs. Jeanette Gagliardi to show love and support to children in hospitals. Two graduates brought up the idea of the club to Gagliardi when they were seniors. They had done a similar club in their grade school, bringing teddybears and other toys to children that are in a hospital.

Last year the club members had two field trips: one to Northlake hospital and another to Misericordia Hospital, to deliver stuffed animals to kids. At the Misericordia Hospital, they were able to communicate with the kids and see the kids get filled with joy when they received the toys.

This year, Give a Teddy a Heart want to have similar field trips and fundraising. At the moment they are running a toy-drive, to which you can donate books and stuffed animals. They are going to give those donations to kids that are in the hospitals and kids who are being treated at Gift of the Heart Foundation. “Hopefully in the future we can branch out to the kids who aren’t suffering at the hospital, but are dealing with other childhood trauma,” said Mrs. Gagliardi.

Currently Give a Teddy a Heart is working with Shriner’s Hospital, Give a Heart Foundation, and Leyden Township. The club members created big boxes, which you can find in the library, cafeteria and 152 area, and some smaller boxes in teachers rooms. Their slogan for this fundraiser is “To give thanks for what you have by giving to those that don’t.” Those toys and books will also be used to give to the kids that are just waiting for their doctor in the waiting room.

“Give a Teddy a Heart is open for everyone who wants to make a difference in the community,” said Alison Laton, a senior at East Leyden and a member of the club. Another senior at East Leyden, Gabriela Giza, said, “You don’t have to be in the club to help out; we are always accepting donations.”

If you want to join the club or just want to know more about it, listen to morning announcement for any news about the upcoming fundraiser or contact Mrs. Gagliardi at [email protected] for any questions.