Class Of 2023 Access


Freshman year is the start of a new chapter in your life that is opening, and ready to grant you many opportunities in you high school career.  Freshman year is one to remember everything of your first starting with homecoming, friendships, and opportunities. Freshman year will go by for these kids in a breeze , and that comes from experience. It might be a little rough at some time but everything will go my in a blink of an eye.

Freshman Access is an opportunity not many schools offer if any at all. Access is an after school program offered to freshman only that helps them after school for 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes they get help from their access advisor and mentors. Their mentors are students that are upperclassmen who are willing to give their time and advise them with homework and watch over these students.  After getting with freshman student ́s Daisy Robles-Perez and Lina Alhasan who are both freshman students currently and asking them some questions about Access overall they answered these following questions…

What is your favorite thing about Access so far?

̈ ̈Our favorite thing about access is seeing my new friends and being able to talk with them and also getting our homework done ̈

How do you feel Access is benefiting you in any ways?

¨I feel like this access is benefiting me by being able to collaborate with each other on mini projects.¨

What are your fellow Access peers like?

̈ ̈My peers are really nice even though they don’t talk a lot, but we all get along pretty well. Some of them are also quite quiet because I feel like they need more time to adapt.¨

Do you feel Access has helped you develop outside relationships so far?

̈Yes, access definitely has helped me create outside relationships so far, considering I have classes with a couple of peers in my access group.¨

In your opinion, would you say Access is helpful especially when your a freshman?

̈Access is definitely very helpful because on the first day of school my mentors helped me gather all my necessities. It also is creating a path to success for us by leading us in positive directions.¨

Are your mentors uplifting and what are your opinions on becoming one ?

̈ ̈My mentors are very uplifting. They help us by outlining everything that goes on in high school since it is our first year here at East Leyden. I think I would consider becoming a mentor so I could help freshman’s figure out their way through high school.¨

What kind of activities do you do in your Access besides homework?

¨We work on group projects and try to complete our E.A.G.L.E.S project. We basically do a ton of work based on our goals for this year, and teamwork assignments.¨

Are you looking forward to finishing the year off strong and what else are you looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year?

̈ ̈Yes, I am looking forward to finishing the year strong. Hopefully, I will finish the year with good grades. I’m looking forward to joining new clubs and making new friendships.¨

Freshman should take advantage of all the opportunities given and handed to them because they come in handy. They should also take advice from their older upperclassmen because they know the most and have already been through all this. I know personally I should’ve listened to the advice that the older students used to tell me because they were right about everything so far. Class of 2023 has a lot in store for these upcoming years especially with all the new construction and the opportunities that they will be offering from new clubs and activities, good luck Class of 2023.