Honors Blog #3

The Perks of Being a Wallflower



Charlie begins a very hectic ride with life filled with ups and downs and during those times he doesn’t really understand what to do with himself during the lows of life. Lets begin with attachment. Some of us feel a strong sense of attachment when it comes to people in our lives who provide care, attention, and affection that makes us feel worthy and important and we feel the need to be around these people to continue feeling this sense of self-worth. Charlie I believe has a similar situation. Hanging out with Patrick and Sam made him realize his feelings for Sam but that wouldn’t necessarily work out due to Sam having a boyfriend already and believing Charlie is too young for her (Sam is a senior, Charlie is a freshman.) I wouldn’t necessarily say that he attempts to move on but rather doesn’t feel strong enough to reject this girl, Mary Elizabeth, who found interest in him. They began going out and Charlie was physically attracted to her, just not any other way. When playing a game of truth and dare with Patrick, Sam, and Mary, things got a little ugly for Charlie. When dared to kiss the prettiest person in the group playing, Charlie kissed Sam, leaving Patrick and Mary shocked. Nonetheless, Charlie was called an idiot by Sam who ran out to comfort Mary who left in a hurry crying. Dark times awaited as Charlie’s friends no longer hung around him for a while saying they wanted space and time away from him. He resorted to various drugs to try and feel better and spent nights yelling at himself for his mistakes and not being able to think clearly in situations. I don’t believe it’s all his fault though, I think there’s more underlying reasons why he is the way he is and why he acts the way he does.