Honors Blog #4

With the holiday season being right around the corner it means more delicious treats to eat and the more cravings we are going to have. But to stay on your health plan you need to curve the extra cravings. As well as, workout after your cheat days…we all know the cheats days are coming up. Thanksgiving and Christmas is when my family prepares a big meal and I know that a hard workout is coming the days after. Once you consume all the extra calories you aren’t normally getting. Some extra work needs to be put in. I have found two fat burning videos that I will like below that actually work! I have lost five pounds within the past two weeks- theses videos have helped me so much and hopefully they will work for you as well.





And I know not everyone likes a strict workout but I included a dance video to burn belly fat! Perfect for the holiday season and you can dance to new music and have that holiday spirit