Honors Blog #4

The Perks of Being a Wallflower



Although Charlie’s rough period does eventually come to an end with him reconnecting with his friends Sam and Patrick, it still seems like something is bothering Charlie. As the school year comes to an end, Sam is a little torn due to breaking up with her boyfriend and Charlie is there to comfort her. Sam sort of realizes that Charlie is not only a good friend but could potentially be a great partner as well. They spend a night together packing things for when Sam goes off to college and before things escalated into something not so PG, Charlie sort of has a breakdown where Sam seems concerned for him. Apparently, Charlie is hospitalized and stays at the hospital for a couple nights. Eventually he is released and that is when his family and friends finds out something really unexpected and something that sort of helps understand what happened that night to Charlie and why he froze and panicked the way he did. Charlie, when he was younger, loved one of his Aunts, and I sort of left her out during these blogs since she was referenced only as a figure he looked up to and who had bought him nice gifts, etc. She had recently passed away as well. However, the story turns a little dark when we find out that Charlie was sexually abused by his aunt through a variety of years when he was younger. Through time the scarring of the abuse left Charlie afraid and nervous a lot of the time and unable to really communicate the way he wanted to it seems. There is no real telling what the abuse and the suicide of his friend caused but it is obvious that it’s lead to a lot of issues for Charlie and for so long it was kept away as a secret. In many cases, a lot of these cases of sexual abuse are kept away and untold for many years. Charlie ends the book by saying he is attempting to recover and feels it is better if he lives on enjoying life without wasting any time, including taking hours to write entries to the book.