Watching over East Leyden

Leading Amidst Crisis

Trump in Troubled Times

Throughout October, President Donald Trump continually found himself in the role of “responder-in-chief” as the United States faced repeated natural disasters, the worst mass shooting in its history, and a recent terrorist attack in New York City. All presidents have a moment when they must face these issues in their term, whether it be rebuilding destroyed cities or addressing the grief of ma...

Leyden Logistics

Managing a nation, when people are hurting, is clearly one hefty duty. But just as a president, local leaders have equivalent responsibilities where they are expected to demonstrate direction and management, especially in times of crisis. Principal of East Leyden High School, Mr. Jason Markey, shared “You’re kind of the go-to care person for a lot of people. People come to you at times and...

History of Healing

When a crisis hits our country, the response of the sitting president is important. People will remember whether the person in power reacted well, and everyone has opinions. Many adults at Leyden recall presidents fondly for their leadership in tough times. The night after the horrendous 9/11 attack, President George W. Bush addressed the nation from the oval office.. Mrs. Caroline Holtgrewe, t...

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