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Giving a Warm Leyden Welcome to Mr. Loftus

     Autos is a classroom that goes beyond simple technology: it’s about engineering, math, computers, physics, problem solving and allows students to observe how abstract scientific concepts apply to real-world scenarios. Leyden is always welcoming members to our East and West community, and one of its newest additions is Mr. Loftus. Mr. Loftus teaches Autos 1, which is designed to give students an introductory look at the automobile and automotive industry. On top of this, he also teaches Exploring Technology which is an introductory course for students interested in any areas of technology.  Mr Loftus’ teaching philosophy is to give students an authentic educational experience with his classes that will assist them in their future endeavors. He encourages his students to think critically, problem-solve, be creative, and collaborate among each other while working toward mastering the craft.

     Prior to East Leyden,  Mr. Loftus enrolled at Aurora University and later transferred to Eastern Illinois University where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Education. After acquiring his Master’s Degree, Mr. Loftus attended St. Francis University where he earned his Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership. Mr. Loftus worked at Oswego School District for 7 years. working at a junior high school for his first 2 years and then stepping up to high school the remaining 5 years. 

     Mr. Loftus made clear that he’s always wanted to help people. He enjoys seeing them grow and watching the progress they make from when they start their high school career to eventually graduating and going into their own fields of work.

     A student of Mr. Loftus, Jake Galanis said, “He’s a great teacher and he’s super cool to all of his students. I learn a lot from him everyday in class. Since we work directly with cars, he’s very engaging in his learning.” 

     According to Mr. Loftus, “The students that come through the automotive program get the opportunity to learn about and maintain their own vehicles.” Leyden has a strong community that works to welcome and accept new members ranging from students to faculty by offering many opportunities to help one another as well as the district as a whole. We encourage everyone to be kind, find your passion, and commit to excellence. Welcome to our Leyden Family Mr. Loftus. 

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