Flu Season Affecting Most Of The U.S.

There has been a flu outbreak this year where 47 states in the U. S. have reported high instances of flu cases, and as a result the flu vaccine is now recommended for everyone over the age of six months.

According to the CDC, during last year’s flu season there were 34 deaths as a result of the flu and around 100,000 hospitalizations. The elderly were more likely to become sick in comparison to children, but there were still at approximately 14 sick kids per 100,00 individuals who caught the flu.

Comparing that to this year, that number is about 50 percent higher. It is now highly recommended to get the flu shot for those who have not yet received it.

Because of the close proximity of people in school there is a high risk of getting sick and passing it, especially if people do not take necessary precautions such as constant hand washing, coughing and sneezing into elbows rather than hands, and getting enough rest.

East Leyden school nurse Mrs. Mazzone who tends to sick Leyden students said, “I do my best to do the hand washing frequently, spray all over with Lysol to kill the germs, [and] teaching students to cough correctly.”

She also remarked on how important it is “getting enough sleep and eating healthy food to keep our body and immune systems healthy.” For many students, getting a full eight hours of sleep can be difficult.

She added that “if you’re sick you should be at home, especially with a temperature.”

By following these helpful tips, we can reduce the flu outbreak from Leyden’s hallways and classrooms.