Ms. Huffman: First Impressions

Divided AP position promises more student interaction

Samantha Caputo, Co-Editor-In-Chief

With the creation of a second assistant principal at Leyden, students will now have the chance to meet and work with Ms. Anita Huffman. Ms. Huffman is “excited and already in love with” the “Leyden family.” She said that she could tell that people really care about each other here from just walking through the door and seeing the way that students and teachers interact.

Ms. Anita Huffman, Assistant Principal for Student Services
Christopher Brito
Ms. Anita Huffman, Assistant Principal for Student Services

The job was created this past year by the school board because they believed that they didn’t have enough capacity to perform essential assistant principal functions with only one person at each campus. The board wanted to have someone come in to bring new ideas, do the job successfully, and to work well with the existing team. The job of the assistant principal was divided so that Ms. Karen Ritter now works with instruction and the “teacher side” of things while Ms. Huffman will work with student services.

Principal Mr. Jason Markey explained that he chose Ms. Huffman because she brought a perspective that East Leyden could benefit from. Her experience working as a special education teacher and as an instructional coach means that she can help teachers to improve their practices. She’s also knowledgeable when it comes to observing students and helping them stay on track through interventions and other instruction.

Ms. Huffman wants the student body to know that her door is always open and she is always willing to help. She has become very involved already with the school by growing relationships with students and teachers while at the same time doing her job.
Mr. Markey knows how hard a transition to a new school can be, but he shared that he is already very impressed with Ms. Huffman’s ability to learn the job, offer new ideas, and communicate with both students and staff.

Outside of school, Ms. Huffman enjoys running (7.5 marathons), playing with Lucy, her loving dog, reading, hanging out with her family, boating, and having dinner with her husband while trying new restaurants in Chicago. Ms. Huffman is eager for this school year and hopes to make as many connections around the school as possible.