6th Annual Blood Drive Coming To East Leyden

East Leyden’s Blood Drive started about 5 years ago in 2007 with approximately 103 students. Since then the number of students that donate continues to increase.

Last year the school had 412 students donate which lead to East Leyden being presented with an award for the “best high school blood drive” in Illinois.

Leyden continues to encourage students to donate blood and are hoping to make this year’s blood drive, which takes place on Thursday, December 6, 2012 in the North Gym, as outstanding as last year’s.

In order to donate you need to be at least 16 or older and weigh 110 pounds or more. You will have to fill out a donation sheet, which you can find in the cafeteria, main entrance or counselor’s office, and it must be signed by a parent/guardian unless you are 18. Students must turn in the signed donation sheet to the counselor’s office before they will be allowed to donate.