Medical Careers Matches Growing Industry

Most kids dream of becoming doctors or nurses when they get older, but how many of them actually go through with it and become one? East and West Leyden offer a course called Medical Careers. Medical Careers is a one-semester course that is period nine and ten that has a science and family consumer science portion. This class is a survey course where students are able to learn about different areas in the medical field and all the different parts of the hospital. It can either help them with their decision in going into the medical field and where they would like to go or change their mind about pursuing. 

This year, East Leyden’s medical careers class has its highest number of students enrolled in the class reaching a total of fifty-one students. According to Ms. Yoo, the teacher of medical careers who teaches the science portion, this year, because medical careers have doubled in size over the course of one year. While students are attending different sections in the hospitals, they’ll be getting a small tour, orientation and talking to the healthcare professional for every area of the hospital they visit. Students who have taken this course in the past have pursued careers in the medical field. This proves that this class is worth taking and it truly makes an impact on students with an interest in healthcare. According to, the job outlook for people pursuing a career in the medical field, it is planned to grow fourteen percent in the years of 2018-2028 with around 1.9 million new jobs.

Jolee Martinez, a senior at East Leyden High School, is currently taking medical careers and she is thrilled about going on-site every Tuesday and Thursday. Jolee took this class because she plans on pursuing a career in the medical field. She wants to work in dentistry and even though, going to see this area in healthcare in not offered, she is still looking forward to learning more about different careers in healthcare. Due to the number of students in this course this year, while the students are in the hospital, they are getting less one on one time with the instructor and getting more of an overview of the unit in the hospital.

With the job outlook for the medical field continuing to grow, seeing a huge interest in medicine at East Leyden is only benefiting us in the future.