When is it TOO Early to Begin Celebrating Christmas?


When is this too early??

Stores put out Christmas decorations out on October first and holiday music blasts our radios in early November. It has now become nearly impossible to escape the wrath of premature Christmas celebration. Whether you start celebrating in August or after Thanksgiving, there has to be a point where you ask yourself “When is it TOO early?”

East Leyden Senior, Katherine White, has strong opinions of Christmas. “It really is my favorite time of year. I feel happy listening to it whenever possible. It just brightens my mood and makes me feel better inside.” Christmas does have that happy cover on it where everything about the holiday makes someone smile. “When did I start celebrating this year? Oh boy, I started listening to Christmas music back in May! I already have my Christmas tree up in my bedroom!!” Christmas is always go-to for Katherine!

In the end, Holidays should be celebrated when you want to celebrate! No need for shaming others and their love for a certain holiday! If you want to celebrate Christmas 365 days a year, well then so be it! And if you’re one of those “one holiday at a time” people, well then enjoy your Christmas celebrating on November 24th. Regardless of when you celebrate, the holidays are meant to bring people together. Don’t let these differences keep you from that. Happy Holidays Leyden!