Arts Education? Does It Even Matter??


When the idea of Arts Education comes around as a budget cut for many schools, eyebrows are raised to the question, “Does it even matter?” Fine arts such as Music and Painting are basic fine skills that make for a better learning environment. Studies even show that students who take fine arts in school are known to have higher test scores than someone that does not take the rigorous courses. Not only that, but fine arts are known to have some of the most successful people known to the world. Cutting courses that build this could ruin a schools reputation.

But I’m not the only one that see this. The ASCD, (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), said in a report that “studies also show that participating in the arts can actually boost student achievement in other academic areas. Therefore, arts groups are partnering with schools to provide professional development for teachers interested in integrating arts instruction across content areas.” This being said, using Arts Education as a budget cut is definitely not the school Administration’s best plan. Save Arts Education.

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