Weekly History Log Reports

not a good idea


As students we all are given computers and you and your parents have the option to take anything additional parts to get for your school computers but the school owns them and they have full coverage of the computer they can look and see what students are doing and there is nothing students can say. The restriction policy is very strict from other sites that teachers and directors think should be blocked and they can do that to all students. As i talked with other teachers and students i got a lot of different responses from students that have to say about this topic and some were negative and some made a lot of sense. Sending weekly history log sheets to parents home could go two different ways because some will say it’s a waste of time and it really won’t help anyone but on the other hand some will get in trouble with the school or with their parents for example a student has something to hid but doesn’t think it should be told at the time explain to their parents and they are looking little thing up to find out of the topic or how to tell a parent about it and is shows on the weekly log sheet and get in the topic of the situation