Gracenotes is an all girl freshman and sophomore a capella choir.

“This choir group improves your singing, your techniques and also provides you with memories that will last a lifetime!” choir director Stacy Cunningham said.

The club was created due to the fact that “there was nothing for the overflow of young girls and there’s always more girls than there were boys,” Ms. Cunningham explained. “I felt like there needed to be a place for them to go.”

When Ms. Cunningham first created the group it started out with about 6 girls in the group altogether. But this year about 87 girls auditioned and a little over 24 girls made it into the group.

“The sole purpose of this group is to teach the younger girls how to hold a girl part and sing with a more mature sound than a freshman girl wouldn’t normally walk in singing, or sophomore girl, and create great music together.”

While in this group members participate in different events such as the Madrigal Dinner, which occurs in December.

The Madrigal Dinner is a feast based on the Renaissance time period. Students dress up in Victorian costumes and sing music pieces from that time period, all in a capella styling.

During the dinner the Gracenotes members participate by serving the people who attend the dinner, and they also sing a couple of songs throughout the set list.

According to current Gracenotes member and sophomore Gisselle Cabrera, the Madrigal Dinner “is when you get to talk to the different groups, you get involved with them, and you make more friends.”

Sophomore Jazmin Perez, who is currently a Chamber’s singer, said she created so many friendships while in Gracenotes and will always keep those friendships.

Perez added that “the most memorable moment in the group was the Gracenotes lock-in. We all had an emotional moment where we shared our personal stuff, and we all cried with each other and there were boxes of tissues everywhere.”

For Cabrera, her favorite memory was also the same event. “At the Gracenotes lock-in, we all got together and just vented, it was just great!”

Girls who are interested can contact Ms. Cunningham for more information.