Leyden Players Club

Leyden Players is an East Leyden only club that meets once a month to focus on theater and drama and helps students gain experience in theatre.

The club takes students to different types of theatrical events as well that help students look at the different worlds of theater.

Club sponsor Bill Mitchell, who has run the club for the past two years, talked about the different plays they have seen such as Jacklyn High and 9-5 which are one of the activities that Leyden Players do.

“Kids get to be spectators to theater in the works,” he added.

Leyden Players helps students recognize different works of theater over their time in high school.

Mr. Mitchell also helps direct most of the plays here at Leyden, where he said that there are four adult directed plays and four student directed per year.

Senior and Leyden player club member Annalissa Jamnik said that it is really fun, but that sometimes it gets hectic because everyone is so outgoing in their small little group.

With such a small group of people the older club members try to get as many people as they can involved, even with them having such a busy play schedule.

“I think (we want) to just kind of get more people into the programs because all the seniors are leaving this year and we want to stay strong and we want to get freshman involved, and as a leadership figure I have to lead the people to come join Leyden Players,” she said.

It seems that Annalissa is being a leadership figure because when speaking to freshman Rickian Lopez, she talked about how much fun it is to be in Leyden Players.

“It’s fun, hard work but worth it because we get to learn all this cool stuff about theater.”

For more information contact Mr. Mitchell.