Houston Astros World Sereis Champions


Photo from Houston Astros Twitter

For the first time in its 56-year franchise history,  the Houston Astros have won the MLB world series. In a thrilling seven game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team provided a dramatic finish that only sports can provide.


Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston just months before the Astros victory, and the team’s run was motivated by thoughts of Houstonians who faced a lot of hardships. However, getting to the World Series wasn’t a breeze they had to beat the New York Yankees twice in a row at their home floor.   


Astros catcher  Brian Mccann said, “It definitely has driven us,” When it was all going on, we were on the road and people’s families were back here. You saw the stories. People lost everything during that thing. “The Guardian.” It wasn’t easy for the Houston Astros to climb to the ladder of success. Back in 2014, they won only 70 games and lost 92, giving them a .432 winning percentage. They were rebuilding but full of prospects, prompting Sports Illustrated to put then-rookie George Springer on the cover with a prediction that the houston Astros would be 2017 World Series champions.  Through the seven games, Springer solidified his World Series MVP title with an incredible performance, setting a world series record with 29 total bases and, eight extra-base hits. He tied Reggie Jackson with five home runs in over seven games. Cubs fan Junior Christian Tokarz, who has been playing baseball since he was four, who despises the Los Angeles Dodgers He explained that “They always been a good team.. And always get the top prospects, top free agents every year,”. He also mentioned that “it’s never fun seeing other end of the team that beat you in the NLCS win the World Series”.