The Hall of Fame Debate…


The Hall of Fame..the achievement most yearned by athletes. There are many players in the MLB who are highly controversial Hall of Famers. With many players having speculations claiming they took PEDs, performance enhancing drugs, fans and players believe they shouldn’t be labeled with one of the highest honors there is.

Varsity baseball player Sebastian Rosario explained his thoughts on the subject of PEDs and the MLB Hall of Fame, “If the players are only suspected, and not proven to be using PEDs then they shouldn’t be punished for it. If proven guilty they have no right to be in the Hall of Fame.” While many people agree with Rosario, many also are found on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Former Florida State catcher, Ruairi O’Connor, is among that crowd. “I think if you have the numbers and are good enough that you should be in the Hall of Fame, it doesn’t matter if you used PEDs or not. The numbers should speak for themselves.” Numbers can’t be denied, but the use of PEDs definitely can help you stack them up. One of the biggest known names for this is Barry Bonds. Bonds is known as one of the game’s biggest sluggers, but also one of the most controversial amongst all players.

O’Connor talked about where he stands when it comes to Barry Bonds: “The best player I have ever seen in my lifetime. He has 500 steals, 500 home runs, and has won multiple gold gloves. Along with all of that he’s the MLB all time leader in home runs. No matter what the speculation, or reports, his numbers speak for themselves. He’s a Hall of Famer.” O’Connor believes that of you play in what was called the “Steroids Era” it shouldn’t affect you negatively. Along with the numbers, many people believe that there is more than what players do on the field that helps them get into the Hall of Fame.

Rosario went into depth on his opinion: “Numbers can’t be denied, and it should be the number one factor into someone’s worthiness to become a Hall of Famer. Along with that a Hall of Famer should be someone who is a good citizen off the field. They need to be a role model to all young fans out there.” When it comes to the big Hall of Fame debate there are many factors that should be considered. The question is which ones matter most to you?