The Eagle's Eye

Rebecca Miranda


Coach or Mentor?

Hoops and Homework: Rebecca’s coach back at Guerin Prep did more than coach his athletes. Mr. Gage was there for Rebecca when she needed help with school and during her sport season. Her coach was always pushing her and exceeding more from her because he knew she was capable of so much more.
Hero at Home

Sister to the rescue: Like many parents, Rebecca’s parents have been hardworking people ever since she was little. This means all the duties of a parent were left to Rebecca’s older sister. She not only took care of her little sister but she expected Rebecca to succeed and constantly pushed her to be better.
New Year, New Friends

Hello new friends: At the start of every school year, best friends are separated and so are “cliques”. But that is not a problem for Rebecca, she enjoys meeting new people every year. In fact, that is the one thing she loves the most about high school. She loves going outside her comfort zone and the safety of the friends she already knows.

Rebecca Miranda, Reporter

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