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Alex Mennella

Alex Mennella, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Alex Mennella’s goal this year for journalism is to be a news anchor in the East Leyden video announcements, putting his enthusiasm and hard work to good use.

3 Things to Know

1. Goals

Alex tries to be involved as much as possible in his school and always strives to put a best foot forward. With his easy going attitude, it’s no surprise that he believes every person is basically good inside, just that sometimes they’re put in a bad situations.Which is why he wants to make a change by becoming a US senator. Alex likes politics a lot and will always find the opportunity to tell you how things should change. If you thought trying to be a senator was a bit ambitious, he is also striving to become a professional golfer!

2. School Involvement

With High aspirations comes a lot of preparation. Determined to achieve his goals, Alex Mennella is involved in school activities like the Access program which already show his leadership skills. He also plays on the varsity golf and baseball team, acts in the winter play and is a member of the National Honor Society.

3. Achievements:

Mennella is not only school smart, but he also likes to draw on his free time. When asked about his proudest moment he responded, “when I won the first ever Franklin park vehicle sticker contest.”

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