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Alyssa Urizandi

Alyssa Urizandi , Reporter

Alyssa Urizandi is a reporter for the 2019-2020 East Leyden student news. Alyssa is a senior who loves to dance, listen to music, and binge watch some her of favorite shows (Bachelorette/bachelor, One Tree Hill, Jersey Shore, and Queer eye). Alyssa loves to spend her free time spending time with family and friends. Alyssa also wants to be an Elementary school teacher after High School. 

Alyssa is mostly familiar with pop culture news + headline news. Alyssa is up to date on what new movies are coming out, new music, and life updates on celebrities. Alyssa gets all of her information from Instagram, Twitter, NBC news, and the news app on her Iphone.  

Alyssa wants to focus more on political news and the nightly Chicago news. Alyssa is going to try to achieve that goal by watching the nightly news and reading through articles that have headlines having to do with politics.  

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