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Danny Calderon

Danny Calderon, Online Editor/Reporter

Danny Calderon is a reporter and Online Editor for the 2019-2020 Eagle Update. He is a senior and loves anything revolving around Drake, dressing nice, and working out. 

His current news intake is quite the wild card as his main source of media consumption comes from the Joe Rogan Podcast, which can go from talking about nueroscience to bashing someone's face against a cage in the octagon. On the rare occasion he's not raving about Joe Rogan he sometimes checks for notable Sports highlights on Instagram or YouTube and takes time to get an occasional laugh in by scrolling through comedians and the bits they post on their social media.

While it is fun, Danny looks to get a little more serious with his news diet as he wants to get familiar with U.S. politics and see what the hype is about regarding the mixed emotions felt towards his country's president and also doesn't want to feel totally lost when it comes time to finally vote. He also looks to put emphasis on city news as being informed about local issues that hit closer to home may be easier to relate to or even understand. Recently he's examined pieces on Twitter revolving around policies the President is trying to usher in as well as issues surrounding the immigration camps. As far as city news he's looked at controversial opinions regarding Lory Lightfoot as well as a terrible fire that harmed 3 firemen and really raised awareness to the bravery of first responders. 

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