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Dominika Zak

Dominika Zak, Reporter

Dominika Zak is a reporter for the 2019-2020 East Leyden Student News. She is a senior who loves to read, watch “The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, hang out with her friends and family, and listen to music. In addition, Dominika wants to pursue a career in the medical field after High School.

One of her news media habits includes spending too much time on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram and scrolling through the news on celebrities and today’s pop culture. However, when scrolling through post after post about the Hollywood world gets a little boring, she often turns to news sources like ABC, FOX, and BBC. With the following news sources, she enjoys hearing about news pertaining to locals, as well as the occurring worldwide problems. She enjoys staying informed on certain topics to know how to react in similar situations in the future. She also fancies an occasional podcast, listening in on Dr. Joe Dispenza speaking on topics such as healing the mind/body. In addition, when driving, she takes pleasure in listening to the radio and sometimes even laughing along. 

This year, Dominika hopes to consume even more local city/state news, as it is vital to know what is going on in the community/area that you are living in and perhaps be able to understand what the people around you are going through in tough situations. 

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