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Gleanne Rosales

Gleanne Rosales, Broadcast Editor



Gleanne Rosales is one of the toughest people in the world because of how many things she has overcome. When asked with what her biggest, most irrational, fear, she simply replied with how she doesn’t have any anymore. She faced all of her fears now and they don’t scare her anymore because she has grown as a person, and now she's stronger than ever. Nothing scares Gleanne now.

The Future

A school year with 5 AP classes will prepare Gleanne for the future. Since she wants to do something with technology, she took a AP computer science class to prepare herself for it. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with her life, she just knows that the classes she's taking now will prepare her for being an engineer, or an employee for google, or NASA.


Gleanne wants to be in charge of almost everything in the newsroom this year. Because she is a natural born leader, she will be able to keep everyone focused and on task. She wants everything to be perfect, and it’ll be easy for her to keep that with her leadership skill and people directing skill. She’s interested in everything in the newsroom, from editing videos to writing the news stories.

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