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Isabella Valdez

Isabella Valdez, Opinions Editor


Laboratory Mouse

Saved in every way possible: One of Isabellas many interests would include her pet mouse, Denzel. She is albino and is usually kept in captivity and is normally used for feeding snakes and such animals. PetCo reluctantly sold Denzel to Isabella. Recently, Denzel started scratching herself and Isabella became nothing less than a hero. She realized that bandaids were the solution and Denzel’s organs would stay in place and intact.


Equal rights NOT petty spites: Isabella is a strong believer in women's rights. She is a radical person and does not take things to an extreme extent. Isabella believes that this predicament should be brought into the light and addressed correctly. She is a calm and collected girl that speaks with an immense passion whom I am very fortunate to have met.

Journalist at Birth

She’s a natural born writer: Ever since middle school, Isabella has had a passion for writing. Everyone dropped that angsty teen writer phase in middle school, but Isabella stuck with it. She even fundraised nearly the entire $6,000 she needed to attend a writing workshop in Boston this past summer. She is dedicated to improving her craft and enthusiastic about whatever she writes.

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