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Jasmin Gonzalez

Jasmin Gonzalez, Sports Co-editor


Which Disney Character are You?

Stronger than Triton: Jasmin loves water,  animals, and nature. She also happens to love disney. So the only thing to ask is, Which Disney character do you think you are. Jasmin believed that she was just like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She loves seawater, and all of the animals. Yet there is one difference between her and Ariel. She knows what's good for her. She does not risk losing her voice forever for a boy. She is not naive. She is strong and can find her own way.

Fight First Day

Standing up: Jasmin can stand up for herself. She does not need any help when it comes to standing up for herself. She Knew this even when she was young. On the first day of kindergarten, a girl thought that jasmin was giving her dirty looks, and started to be very mean to her. So Jasmin stood up for herself and fought (verbally) with the bully. She knew that she needed to stand up for herself, and that she was going to need to fight for peace.


Proud: Her strength can be attributed to her raising. She will always be proud of her parents. She says that they are her motivation and the most important people in her life. She says that everything she does is to make her parents proud.

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