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Karen Quintero

Karen Quintero, Graphics Editor

Karen Quintero is a Graphics Editor for the 2019-2020 East Leyden student news. She is a senior who loves video editing, graphic design, reading novels, doing anything art related and playing video games. After graduating from high school, Karen hopes to pursue a career as an animator in cartoons or editing movie films.

Karen's current news media intake includes social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and the New York Times. Through these sources, Karen learns more about what happens around herself and likes to share her opinion about the issues she strongly believes about with her peers. Some of those issues include global tragedies like environmental problems or natural disasters, old or new murder cases, and everyday life news.

Karen hopes through her semesters in Journalism, her mind expands about the life around herself and out of her reach. As well as, improve her editing skills.

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Meaningful Dishes

Meaningful Dishes

December 11, 2019
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