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Morgan Murphy

Morgan Murphy, Reporter

Morgan Murphy is a reporter for the 2019-2020 East Leyden News Team. Morgan is a senior who loves to sing, hang out with friends, and go on social media. In addition, Morgan also wants to major in Elementary Education after High School.

Morgan's current news habits include pop culture, Twitter hashtags, and occasionally politics. From these sources, Morgan learns about new movies, celebrity drama, and new music through social media. Morgan usually consumes her media through Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and the occasional ABC 7 News. 

To broaden her news habits, Morgan has started learning more about the world around her. She has shown this by following and watching more national and global news sources, on the internet and TV, such as CNN and BBC World News. Morgan is getting more involved in global news and understanding various issues. She also has become more involved in politics, to further prepare for the world after High School. 



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