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Natalie Taborska

Natalie Taborska, Editor-in-Chief


What to wear

Everyone has their own type of style of clothes they wear or even places where they like to shop. Natalie’s style of clothes can actually vary from one day being a punk rock chick to extremely girly the next. She says it all depends on her mood and if she’s feeling tired in the morning to dress.

Cellphone addiction?

In this generation we live I think even toddlers have cellphones and it’s sad to say, but Natalie she’s not a toddler and two owns a phone. The phone she carries throughout the day is extremely valuable to her because it has all her pictures, notes, and bad poetry she likes.



For Natalie taking this class means she would get out of her comfort zone. Like Natalie said she’s an opinionated person, so she would want her opinion to be out there and  would want to talk about politics and business.

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