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Olivia Ziobro

Olivia Ziobro, Reporter

Olivia Ziobro is a reporter for 2019-2020 East Leyden Student News. Olivia is a senior who loves to watch Vampire Diaries, dance and hang out with friends and family. After high school, Olivia plans on pursuing a career in speech pathology. 

Olivia's news habits revolve around what occurs on Snapchat and Instagram, she is always on those social medias and scrolls through the new trends and dramas with celebrities occurring. While this may be true, Olivia will sometimes tune in to the news like FOX and ABC. She enjoys to watch the segments on pop culture and social issues like politics. 


While Olivia is always on Snapchat and Instagram, she plans to branch out to many different platforms. She wants to learn more news about her state and branch out from the city news. 

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