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Sophia Khudyk

Sophia Khudyk, Reporter

Sophia Khudyk is a reporter for the 2019-2020 East Leyden Student News. She likes to travel a lot and go on adventures with her friends. On weekends she enjoys going to Chicago for Dance practice. Sophia is planning on pursuing a career in medicine after high school.

Sophia's currents news media habits include scrolling through instagram's home page and looking at many different types of dance and art videos. She also enjoys listening to new albums that come out and reading about the background of where the music comes from. Sophia usually will read about new updates on wildlife and nature around the world. Scrolling through Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram its hard to miss updates on celebrities lives.

Sophia wants to expand her news intake more about politics and global news. She wants to be fully aware of everything happening around her in the government, and be prepared to vote for the next president in the 2020 elections.

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