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Yesenia Diaz

Yesenia Diaz, Reporter

Yesenia Diaz is a first-year reporter and online writer for the 2019-2020 East Leyden School news. A senior who appreciates Wednesday's inservice schedule at East Leyden. 

Yesenia's current news intake consists of scrolling through multiple social media icons like Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and the news app on her phone. Through these sources, Yesenia comes across current trends that are taking over social media feed and today's social issues. In addition to these topics, Yesenia enjoys spending more time looking into sports news and highlights. Doing so has expanded her interest in taking part in sports and physical activities. Fortunately, Yesenia has taken this inspiration and moved forward to join the Leyden Girls Varsity Soccer Team and the Varsity Poms team.

This year Yesenia is looking forward to filtering her news diet with more reliable sources that provide newsworthy content such as the latest US news and world report. Yesenia intends to make these changes by looking into the news not only coming from social media, but also from local and global TV channels and even some news articles. With this new information, Yesenia hopes to be able to take part in several more conversations about ongoing global issues.  


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