Watching over East Leyden

The Eagle's Eye

Watching over East Leyden

The Eagle's Eye

Watching over East Leyden

The Eagle's Eye

Yonka Angelova

Yonka Angelova, Reporter

Yonka joined journalism to bring her passion of photography into the newspaper world. She hopes to capture interesting and hard to get images for The Talon. This is a great way for her to pursue her newly founding dream of being a famous photographer.

3 Things to Know


Helpful teacher: Entering junior year of high school can be the most stressful out of all of them. With college right around the bend and the determining factor for your after high school career...the ACT..., 11th grade can be a handful. Luckily Yonka had geometry teacher Ms. Thomas to help and guide her to get a great score on the ACT. It takes a lot for someone to determine what teacher had a great impact on your life. For a geometry teacher to go above and beyond to help Yonka prepare for the ACT is amazing. Yonka is grateful for Ms. Thomas.


Shawty got low: At a young age, Yonka had the childhood dream of becoming a dancer. You may think this was the typical ballerina dancer phase that almost every little girl has. Well you thought wrong, Yonka wanted to pursue her childhood dream to become a hip hop dancer. I can only imagine this as a 6-year-old girl busting out a piece of cardboard, putting it on the ground, and having Run-D.M.C play in the background while she practices her moves. Unique right? Well that’s just Yonka for you.


Capturing moments: What Yonka wants to be remembered for is her contribution in the art world in the form of her photography. Yonka hopes to capture her best photos and for them to be seen on the cover of National Geographic, Vogue, billboards, or anything big and to be seen by everyone.

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