The Eagle's Eye

Piotr Morawiec


Wishes Granted

I wish for...: Constant stylish clothing, Understanding the Universe perfectly and no fake friends!? According to Piotr these are the three perfect wishes anyone could be granted. Piotr desires to always have new clothes without having to pay a cent. Can I be part of that club too? He as well wishes to know every single fact about the universe and how it works. He finds the whole universe to be very unique and fascinating. As well also wishes to find very genuine friends to stick with him throughout his lifetime.
We Need a Time Machine

I only came here to party: Piotr is a person who loves having fun and willing to go through many cool experiences. On the interview I asked him which time period would he like to live in if he could. Piotr couldn’t express much more how he would enjoy experiencing sometime in old Ancient Rome times and the fun late 20’s. Watching fights at the coliseum, partying for days straight, or being part of sneaking in alcohol at clubs, music and spending lots of money? Hm, sound like a little party won’t hurt right?

The next Einstein could be in Africa: Piotr wishes he could help everyone who is in need. He wants to make society see that we can’t just be selfish and think, talk and worry only about us here. There is many people out there around the world who could be the next greatest surgeon, teacher, president etc. But they might not have money to pay for their education, are getting killed or have no support. He believes we should all help each other out and show we are there for each other, because we as a society can grow and be stronger if we united more.


Piotr Morawiec, News Editor

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