Lunch and Learn Offers Seniors FAFSA Help


On January 14 the East Leyden counselors office hosted a Lunch and Learn on Filling Out Your FAFSA which featured Tiffany Floyd from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.

Students were able to eat their lunch while working on their FAFSA applications. Not only were they treated to cookies with milk, but they had the chance to ask questions like “what if my parents haven’t done their 2013 income taxes?”

Ms. Floyd was there to help guide them through the application and offer advice on questions, such as those dealing with housing, that they got stuck on while filling out their application.

Tiffany Floyd is a valuable resource available to students when it comes to any problems or questions on how to submit or even start the FAFSA application.

FAFSA is money from the government, but it’s limited and therefore it’s awarded on a first come first serve basis. Graduating seniors interested in attending college are urged to fill out their FAFSA as soon as possible in hopes of securing financial aid.

Floyd has been working for ISAC for 2 years now, and her goal is helping students within the community to fill out their applications correctly.FAFSA

She was eager to participate in Wednesday’s Lunch and Learn in helping students. She recalled the stress and difficulties of filling out her own FAFSA as the first in her family to go to college. It was hard on her, and she just wanted to help kids out and not struggle as much as she did.

What can you do if you mess up your application? Well it all depends on what you messed up, for example if you messed up putting your social security then you will have to restart your whole application whereas mistakes on filling out the figures associated with you or your parents’ income tax information can be reviewed and corrected at anytime.

Students with questions can contact Ms. Floyd by phone at 815-641-3089 or by email at [email protected] to make an appointment.