On the Road to Success

Boys Soccer Team Expects to Win

Jasmin Gonzalez and Rebecca Miranda

Leyden soccer is heading into a season that has a lot of expectations. In recent seasons, they have shown that they are a phenomenal team. Varsity head coach Mr. Mark Valintis knows the expectation for success exist, and what that means the boys will have to deal with this season.

“We expect a lot from this group, more so than in years past, We set goals of winning conference,winning the Pepsis Showdown”, “and winning our regional–making it to state.” he explains. “They’ll do fine, like most other teams we aren’t as fit as we need to be, but we are better than most.”

The expectation are built on past success. The team has won regionals for the past three years, and it has been nominated the past two years for the Pepsi-Showdown. All the doors the team has opened for themselves, lately has given them a reputation that will either make them want to succeed more, or try to avoid any possible failure. Due to their achievement the team also carries players that are passionate and highly devoted for the game.

Senior and three year varsity player, Albert Arabik discussed his hopes for the year. “We are striving for success, We all want to win state this year, so that is our main goal right now”,” he said “A lot of my teammates played last year, and they’ve gotten pretty far. I think we are going to be a better team than the ones before”

Senior David Senk plans to make sure that “everyone works as a unit and not like a bunch of individuals.” He said the team will need to “make sure they get everything right and make sure they push themselves.”

The team opened the season with a victory, and now all of Leyden will wait to see if they can continue with the success expected of them.