Teddy Bear Club Delivers


Melissa Corral, Reporter

Give a Teddy a Heart is a club that collects teddy bears in order to donate them to children and adults in the hospital. Its main purpose is to put a smile on the person’s face when they receive the teddy bear. This past Saturday, the club did exactly that.

Bright and early Saturday morning, about 20 club members, including the captains of the boys varsity basketball team, who were invited to participate in the outing, gathered in school with bags and boxes filled with 100 brand new teddy bears. Club vice president Carli Deegan, said, “We thought it would be nice to invite the players because the team helped us raise money to get the teddy bears, and they’re sort of the whole reason why we can donate them today.”

In an unfortunate series of events, the bus ended up being late, which caused a change of plans. Originally, members of the club were supposed to get the chance to interact with the children and adults at Misericordia, but by the time the bus got to the hospital, it was time for the residents to go to their next activities. Luckily, members did get the opportunity to give teddy bears to some kids. Although none of the kids could speak or move around because of their disabilities, they definitely did show their appreciation with the big smiles their faces when each received a teddy bear.

Club president Michelle Fritz teared up when she saw the big smile on one little boy. “His smile was incredible,” she said. “It was the best thing ever, and I’m never going to forget that.” Others too were moved by this experience.DeAndre Williams said, “It was humbling seeing kids like that, just the smile on their face once they got the bears.”

Robert Wisniewski was moved “just to see how much they have to go through, compared to our lives, and how good we have it.”

As a matter of fact, the visit motivated the basketball team to help the club once again..They are hosting a “Pack the Place” against Willowbrook and will be selling t-shirts and donation cards at the game. If you buy a t-shirt you can get into the game for free. So be on the lookout!

Those looking to help should know the club meets at least twice a month in room 218. If interested, contact Michelle Fritz or Ms. Jeanette Gagliardi.